Mosquito Trap-Racquet

AKSHARA-Victory Powerful Mosquito Trap-Racquet with 1 Year Warranty.


LATEST GERMAN & JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY – “ISO” Certified RECHARGEABLE Mosquito Racket. Unique TWIN-SPEED discharge – Electric Shock-Proof & Leak-Proof Net – EASY TO USE technology


Attractive Features

Latest Technology

This is the latest technology ever right now in the market.

Quick Charge
The device gets charged very fast and quick.
1 – Year Warranty
You are getting 1 year warranty, When purchase
Enviorment Friendly
There is NO negative effect in enviornment.
About The AKSHARA-Victory Powerful Mosquito Trap-Racquet


2. Unique TWIN-SPEED discharge – Electric Shock-Proof & Leak-Proof Net – EASY TO USE technology.

3. “AKSHARA” products have 1 year warranty on all INNER SPARE PARTS & BATTERY – HI-POWER LONGLIFE FLASH LIGHT for Multi-purpose use.

4. sturdy design, environmental friendly, made of ABS virgin plastic.

5. EASY to USE technology – Light Weight – Good Customer Support – Fast Charging Technology.

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Product Full Description

This HEAVY DUTY mosquito killer is imported by “AKSHARA” :: This PREMIUM QUALITY “ISO “ Certified mosquito racket with kills all types of mosquitoes,flies, cockroaches & other crawling & flying pests & other bugs :: initially charge the racket for 5-6 hours before using, later charge the racket only when the light of the mosquito racket becomes dimmer :: This racket made with an Aircraft quality ABS virgin quality plastic – Light can be used as EMERGENCY LIGHT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS – CHARGING WAY – Firstly push the switch up to off. push the charger plug completely and then insert it in to the power source socket directly. the corresponding indicator bright. it takes about 6 hours for the full charge. it should be charged about 2-4 hours when used for the first time. KILLING MOSQUITOES – Push the switch to ON1 or ON2 lamp, press the button switch, working indicator bright, in this moment just wave the mosquito racket, when mosquito comes in contact with inner net of the mosquito racket..mosquito dies instantly. when loose the switch, the working indicator go out, but the electronic net still has voltage, please do not touch it, the voltage will remove automatically in 10 seconds. CAUTION – Do not touch the net even if the racket is turned off in order to avoid electric shocks. Do not turn on the racket while charging to avoid damage to the internal circuit. Keep the device away from children. It should never be used as a toy. The racket must always be kept in a dry place.

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